Blue Mountains Energy Research Centre
Building towards a better future, today.

About Us

Founded in 2001 by Mark Read (BE Mech), the Blue Mountains Energy Research Centre ("BMERC") is a privately owned and operated research & development operation based in the Blue Mountains, West of Sydney, Australia.

A Man with a Mission

Broadly, our vision is to bring to market products & services that will help protect the future of our planet and enhance the condition of humanity,

  • by reducing, and ultimately removing, our dependency on fossil-fuel driven contraptions we use & promote today; and

  • by making accessible to all various technologies to ensure the survival of our planet and species.

More specifically, and without restriction, our objective is to:

  • promote a greater uptake of alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, thermal and magnetic, throughout the greater Blue Mountains region and beyond;

  • develop policies and procedures for a decentralized network of independent energy production centers from these alternative energy sources;

  • replace fossil fuel powered engines with zero emission technologies; and

  • adopt and bring to market highly efficient devices (including "free energy / zero point" devices).

Yes, we do realize our goals might seem lofty, impossible or unrealistic to some, but our desire & faith are merely ingredients in a recipe that also requires vision, imagination, intelligence, knowledge, tenacity, patience, and support in order to be successful.

It is not our intent to patent all inventions, nor to charge high prices for products released into the mainstream - instead, we shall most likely operate under a licensing model and charge enough to ensure it's affordable by most and at a price that will allow the establishment of mass production plants, distribution channels and the attainment of critical mass. In our mind's eye there is no reason why we all can't live comfortable and healthy lives.

What We Do

While our primary focus is one of applied energy research & development, we will also:

  • seek hidden/lost/forgotten patents, inventions, applications, products and technologies and bring them to life;

  • provide the necessary environment to nurture, develop and commercialise the products & services developed (by BMERC or others) for the benefit of all to enjoy;

  • foster information sharing and strategic relationships with other individuals and institutions alike.