Blue Mountains Energy Research Centre
Building towards a better future, today.

Contributions & Donations

The Blue Mountains Energy Research Centre survives based on our own funding efforts - we have no corporate sponsors, nor do we receive assistance from any government entity. This allows us the freedom to pursue our objectives without agenda or bias.

We are currently seeking assistance to continue our work. If you are in a position to donate any of the following, we'd love to hear from you (click here to contact us):

  • Money - every little bit helps with the purchase of basic electronic components, including wire, magnets, batteries, transformers, electronic components, and other essentials items and services, like sheet metal fabrication, solar panels, wind generators, inverters, regulators, etc.

  • Batteries - new or used, golf cart & yacht batteries are great (for their deep cell qualities), and Lithium (Li) or Metal Hydroxide (M) as found in notebook computers and other electronic gadgets.

  • Magnets - any type, shape and size.

  • Motors - anything and everything, from the small hobby car electric motors, to larger electric motors (eg. electric golf cart).

  • Electronic components - transformers, rectifiers, coils, resistors, capacitors, transistors, switches, pots, circuit/bread boards, wire, etc, etc, etc.

  • Miscellaneous - solar panels, wind turbines, hydro generators, inverters, regulators, pumps, generators, etc.

Financial Contributions

If you are in a position to give money, regardless of amount or currency, then we truly thank you. While Australian Law forbids us to issue shares under our current company structure, we will record your donation on file and contact you should we ever be in a position to issue stock (which we would like to be one day). 

If you are an existing PayPal account holder then click the button to your left to make your donation using your PayPal account.
If you would like to make a donation via your credit card then click on the button to your left. For credit card payments we use the trusted services of PayPal Australia. PayPal is owned by eBay and trusted by over 100 million people around the world for the online purchase of goods & services.

Crypto coin
You can also send crypto coin to any one of these addresses:
Bitcoin -> 1DnxpBfz8KazdY6zWXcALstEhBws9CaDiX
Dogecoin -> DDLZdC6q5rhTmDVmGxDqfaKMzxF1VW91FQ

Google Adsense
Clicking on any ad in the right-hand pane will also cause Google to send us a few cents/pennies (every bit helps).