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A Word About New Energy

My experience finds that serious discussion of new energy is still politically incorrect in mainstream circles, which is frankly, appalling. Delays in implementing life-saving innovation will be at our collective risk and peril. The urgency in these times is unprecedented in human history. Quantum leaps in energy innovation (from current energy forms) can provide needed solutions - hopefully in time to avert worsening global disasters.

Current energy forms include fossil fuels, and the more environmentally friendly solar, wind, hydro, thermal and tide energy generation systems to name a few. We are arguably spending too much focus on these inefficient solutions and not enough in proven new energy endeavors that will address future population energy requirements quickly and effectively.

By "new energy" I mean innovative technologies with the potential of providing a quantum leap (by orders of magnitude over current energy systems) in our ability to tap cheap, clean and decentralized energy for producing electricity.

Think about this for a moment ... if, three hundred years go, you had described X-rays, gamma rays, nuclear energy and TV signals (to name but a few examples) to the average well-educated person, you would have run the considerable risk of being locked up and branded "mad". Today we accept these discoveries & technologies as part of every day life.


The following may or may not be recognized by mainstream science:

Advanced Thermal Energy
From the environment.

Advanced Hydrogen Technology
Includes catalytic water molecule manipulation and disassociation through cheap electrolysis, and the manipulation of hydrogen plasmas with catalysts to induce fractional quantum electronic states that yield large energy output.

Vacuum Energy (or Zero Point Energy)
Tapping into the enormous quantum potential of every point in space-time, through the use of super motors with super-magnets, solid-state devices, Tesla coils and charge clusters.

Cold Fusion
Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) by electrochemical means, induced in water and heavy water solutions catalyzed by palladium cathodes, sonocavitation and other processes that can produce large amounts of thermal, radiation-free nuclear energy.

In addition to the above, there are a number of important transitional technologies which can mitigate emissions in the very near future. These include the recycling and sequestration of CO2 and other pollutants at the source through innovative chemistry, and remediation of radioactive nuclear waste with innovative technologies.


All of the above new energy technologies have been demonstrated in laboratories throughout the world and have been published in peer-reviewed literature, but implementing them on a commercial basis has been elusive because there is no significant support, especially from governments and industry.

Another analogy if I may - if you lived in a desert and every day a company drove in with a truck load of sand and sold it to you, what would you think about that? Not a very good deal for you, is it? What's that you say? You would never buy sand when it's all around you, free for the taking? But you already do! Now, several people have tried to publicise this fact, but the Sand Company has immediately silenced them by one means or another. The Sand Company does not want to loose their business of selling sand to people in the desert, and they certainly don't want you to discover that it's all around you and actually free for the taking.

Of course, in this analogy, "sand" is a metaphor for "energy". Energy is all around us, free for the taking.

Some of the best scientists in the world (John Holdren, Nathan Lewis, Richard Heinberg, James Lovelock and Ruggero Santilli, for example) have concluded that conventional renewable energy systems such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, tides, biofuels and hydrogen fuel cells are not nearly adequate to meet current, much less projected, energy demands. Nuclear fusion has serious problems and is not an environmentally sound alternative to supplanting our multi-trillion dollar hydrocarbon energy economy.

New Energy would shift the paradigm overnight. New Energy needs to be at the forefront of future energy policy discussions. It is too late to deny this, and we certainly do not want the control of these technologies to fall into the wrong hands by default. New Energy needs to be controlled by We The People, and so a strong grass-roots movement will be necessary.

I cannot stress too strongly that an aggressive program to develop new energy is what humanity will need to survive. It may be painful for us to address these issues and they may seem a little far-fetched at first, but these technologies I speak of are very real and can be developed as public policy.

This is an opportunity for bipartisanship and transcendence, an opportunity to find our better selves and in rising to meet the challenge, create a better and brighter future - a future worthy of the generations to come and who have the right to be able to depend on us.