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Any Projects that go through the R&D process and pop out the other side as a working mechanism go into our Products list here, awaiting commercialisation. Inventions by others will also appear here.


  • We have yet to bring to market any products from our R&D activities.

BMERC survives based on our own funding - we have no corporate sponsors, nor do we receive assistance from any government agency. If you are in a position to donate financially towards our efforts, please click here for more information. 


  • Brown's Gas Devices: Brown's Gas is a mixture of mon-atomic and di-atomic hydrogen and oxygen extracted from water via electrolysis. It has many applications, including:

    - low heat "plasma" type welding (welds virtually any type of material, including glass, quartz, ceramic, brick, copper, aluminum, cast iron, steel and other alloys; fuses dissimilar compounds like brick to iron and brass to glass; can vaporize carbide, diamonds and tungsten);

    - burning clean, precision laser-like holes in wood, metal and ceramic;

    - cutting steel cheaper, faster and cleaner than an oxygen-acetylene torch;

    - a gas to dramatically increase combustion engine performance;

    - skin healing qualities;

    - and much more.

  • Battery Charger: A unique device that will charge batteries so they will last practically forever. Fantastic news for the transport industry (dramatically reduce costs of battery ownership/replacement for cars, trucks, busses, golf carts, etc).

  • Self Powering Batteries: Batteries that constantly power a load and never need replacing.

  • Water Catalyst Converter: A process where an electric current is passed through water to break down the hydrogen and oxygen molecules. The hydrogen/oxygen gas is then injected into the cylinder of a petrol engine (instead of petrol) to fire the engine. The result is a hydrogen-powered engine that uses water as its fuel source (car, motorbike, lawnmower, van, small truck etc).

  • Vortex Engine: A process by which objects are placed into a hopper and reduced to powder form immediately. A very powerful sound vortex does all the work. Practical uses include reducing landfills, reducing mining haulage and storage, etc.

  • Electromagnetic Engine: A self powered engine that utilizes magnetic energy fields.