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Bedini SSG Battery Energizer

Project Number: 1
Project Owner: BMERC
Project Leader: Mark Read
Objective: To replicate John Bedini's Simplified School Girl (SSG) Monopole Energizer as a research project, and by extension, to discover more about obtaining energy from the vacuum (aka 'radiant energy').
Commencement: July 2007
Status: Working on the construction of Build #1
Keywords: Bedini, Tesla, SSG, Monopole, EMF, ether, free energy, radiant energy, zero point energy.
Construction: Click here to view Build #1
Build References:
  1. How to build a manual coil winding jig
  2. How to wind a bifilar coil
  3. How to determine the North face of an unmarked magnet
  1. Those wishing to replicate this project should read all the posts in the official Bedini Monopole3 group on Yahoo.
  2. Aside from our objectives, BMERC have documented their various builds in an effort to help others who wish to do the same and experiment with this device. The overall SSG Replication project could not of been done without the assistance of some dedicated people on the Bedini_Monopole3 discussion group. We hope our materials and procedures documented here will provide an easier guide to achieving a working model for yourself.
  3. The Bedini SSG is a cheap and simple system to build, even for the novice. The design is such that most of the components and construction methodology don't need to be exact as there is a fairly large tolerance overall.
  4. Please be aware that the Bedini Monopole device is patented as as such may not be used for commercial applications. Contact Energenx Inc for more information.
:: Intellectual Property Holder
Inventor: John C Bedini (USA)
Patent Holder: Energenx, Inc (USA) (listed public company EENX.OB )
Patents: Several in the USA - refer to the Energenx website.
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