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This section documents all the resources we've used throughout our various research projects, along with other useful ideas and tools.

  • Our How To section provides instructions on how to perform certain tests and how to build the various parts, components and tools we've used for our projects. Consider the how-to's as "mini-projects" if you will.

  • The Suppliers section lists the suppliers (manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers) we've purchased parts from for our projects, or we've discovered (but not used) as an alternate source of, or have been referred to as, a suppliers of parts and components.

  • Need a calculator to work out the current drawn by a circuit? Or how to convert from one unit of measure to another? Or need to know what a coulomb is? Well then, head on over to our Calculators area. Some calculators are online, while others are either free downloadable programs, or exist on other websites. Various constants and formulas are provided too. Enjoy :)

  • Reference our Knowledgebase for other resources we've tapped for additional information during the research and development of our various energy projects.

  • If you're a teacher, a student, or an adult looking for some basic knowledge or simple experimentation ideas, try our School Projects area.