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Energy Knowledgebase

We have provided a few useful links to other websites and documents that we've either found interesting or have referred to during the course of our project research and development activities.

It is by no means a comprehensive list - we suggest you use Google or one of the other search engines to locate anything specific. Most of the resources listed here are free but some do require a purchase.

Electronic Circuits, Components & Tutorials

  • All About Circuits An easy-to-read online book written by a professional lecturer. Learn the basic concepts of electricity, including common components, DC, AC, transformers, semiconductors, etc in an easy-to-read 6 chapter online book. Several experiments are also given. Each chapter can also be downloaded as an Adobe PDF document for offline printing and reading.

  • A Practical Guide to Basic Electronics By Patrick J Kelly (a 62 page Adobe PDF document - 481 kb). Also covers some advanced topics.

  • Semiconductor Reference Guide Downloadable semiconductor datasheets.

  • The Electronics Club website has very nice tutorials on electronics components and project techniques.

  • Ian Purdie's Electronics Tutorial website contains tutorials focusing on radio design topics as well as general electronics topics.

  • The Williamson Labs Electronics Tutorials website has tutorials on a wide range of subjects, many of these tutorials include fun animated illustrations.

  • Circuits for the Hobbyist hosted by Tony van Roon, has a small number of excellent tutorials on topics such as the 555 timer, 741 op amp and resistor color coding.

  • The Electronics Teacher website has tutorials ranked from beginner to advanced covering electronics components, construction techniques and microcontrollers.

  • The Electronics Hobbyist website has several articles on electronics concepts that are written in a fun tone and are enjoyable to read.

  • The Electronics Infoline contains the latest gadgets, contemporary schematics, tech videos, electronic & science projects, and lots more.

  • The Discover Circuits website contains thousands of circuits, and is run by Dave Johnson, an electronics engineer with a passion for electronics.

  • Bowden's Hobby Circuits website contains an interesting collection of circuits ranging from LED clocks to audio amplifiers (Update 6 Jul 09: this link no longer works).

  • Electric Hobby Circuits Resources for beginners circuits and children's experiments and for the more advanced hobbyist (thanks go to Amy Clark for the link).

  • The Electronics Lab website has over 300 projects divided into categories such as audio, models and model remote control, radio frequency circuits.

  • The Circuits for the Hobbyist website run by Tony van Roon has an interesting collection of circuits ranging from LED flashers to solar battery chargers.

  • FC's Electronics Circuits website run by Forrest Cook has a collection of circuits in areas ranging from solar power to music special affects, with an emphasis on useful applications. He also has a good collection of links to other electronics sites.

  • Beginners Electronics a beginner's electronics cheat sheet (thanks to one of our site visitors Annie Newham for this link). Covers theory, batteries, transistors, units & measure, formulas, circuits, projects, and more.

  • EagleLite Free software used to generate PCB layout files.

  • ExpressPCB Free software used to draw schematics and generate PCB layout files. The PCB files can only be used to create PCBs you buy from this company.

  • XCircuit Free software used to draw schematics.

  • Living Green: A Guide to Recycling Electronics While most of us are well aware of the importance of recycling paper, plastic, and glass, our evolving technology has created a new category of trash: e-waste. Most electronic items can actually be recycled. Learn how with this useful resource.

  • Electricity 101: The Top Online Resources From power companies to home electricians, the industry of energy encompasses a broad swath of businesses, technology experts, and amateur tinkerers, and a lot of them are sharing great information online. 101 of them are listed on this site, among other useful resources for the electrical engineer.

  • ROHM's Electronic Fundamentals Rohm design and manufacture integrated circuits (ICs), semiconductors, and other components, but also have a useful section detailing the history and fundamentals of basic electronic components.



  • Digital Library of India A project to digitally preserve and make freely available all the significant literary, artistic and scientific works of mankind. Free access. Papers only viewable online.

  • Internet Archives Library The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and their content (many media formats supported).

Magnets, Magnetism, Electromagnetism

  • Earth's Magnetic Field Wikipedia.

  • Cool Magnet Man Description of magnetism, magnet types & strength, navigation, measurement, laws, care & maintenance, experiments, book references and web resources.

  • Magnetic Current Copyright 1945 by Edward Leedskalnin (builder of the "Coral Castle", Homestead, Florida, USA).

  • Explanation regarding the purpose and parameters of magnet wire.

Electricity from Solar / Wind / Hydro / Thermal / Tide / Crops (Bioenergy / Biofuels)

Fuel Cells / Hydrogen Cells / Alternative Fuel Sources

Free Energy - Researchers / Inventors

Nikola Tesla (USA - deceased)

  • Miscellaneous (USA) Discussion groups, coil plans, high voltage projects, videos, books, chronicles ... an extensive resource list.

  • Good Idea Creative (USA) Various e-books on Tesla projects/devices.

  • Tesla Reprints (USA) Tesla experts Dr James Curum and Kenneth Curum have spent decades applying rigorous formal scientific analysis to Nikola Tesla's experiments. Their work provides contemporary scientists and experimenters with astonishing new insights into Nikola Tesla's achievements.

Johann Bessler

John Bedini (USA)

Dr Tom Bearden (USA)

Free Energy - Companies / Products

  • Lutec (Aust) An Australian company that has (apparently) developed a 1kW electromagnetic motor and an electricity amplifier (triples the electricity it receives). Not yet commercialised.

  • Perendev (South Africa) Perendev Power Systems have announced development of a 9kW power plant driven by a permanent magnet motor with no moving parts. They hope to bring this motor to the market soon.

  • Steorn (Ireland) Will bring a magnetic energy generation technology (ORBO) to market soon.

Free Energy - Miscellaneous

  • Free Energy News One of the better news services dedicated to following free energy topics.

  • Jerry Decker's Keelynet (USA) Huge resource library for free energy researchers, gravity control experimenters, alternative science discussions, and much more.

  • Clear Tech, Inc (USA) Discusses Dr Peter Lindemann, Edwin Grey, Bob Teal, Dr Robert Adams (NZ) and the current state of free energy technologies.

  • Dr Robert Adams (NZ) Long time free energy researcher.

  • Butler Labs Alternative energy research and Robert Adams technology.

  • Paul Baumann Paul Baumann's Testatika Machine.

  • Veljko Milkovic (Serbia) 92% energy efficient hand water pump, eco houses, Petrovaradin fortress, anti-gravity motor, more.

  • JLN Labs (France) Free energy experimental group in France. Largely discusses bio fuels and space propulsion systems.

  • The Very Last Page of the Internet (USA) Showing dozens of experimental systems and a large link list to other sites.

  • Science Hobbyist Amateur Science, Gravity, Energy, Fusion, more.

  • Amateur Science Interesting toys, discussion groups, patents.

  • New Energy Congress A continually updated database of new energy concepts and technologies.

  • PV Scientific Instruments Historically accurate reproductions (working models) of scientific instruments used by early inventors in great discoveries in electricity, magnetism, wireless, and atomic physics.

Published Magazines & EZines

  • Infinite Energy Magazine 

  • Nexus Magazine International bi-monthly alternative news magazine, covering the fields of health, suppressed science, Earth's ancient past, UFOs and the unexplained, and Government cover-ups. On sale across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Holland, Greece, Poland, Croatia, Japan, Romania and Russia.

  • Extraordinary Technology

  • New Energy Technologies

  • New Scientist Magazine Science and technology news from around the world since 1956. Published in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Europe.

TV Shows

  • The Lab Australian ABC TV show "Online Gateway to Science".
  • The New Inventors Australian ABC TV series.
  • Quantum Archive of stories of the Australian ABC TV science series show "Quantum" (which ceased production 26 April 2001).


  • The QRP SWL Homebuilder website contains articles ranging from how to build a short wave receiver to how to sit an electronics shop into a four foot space. Scan through the photos in their projects to get an idea how many amateur radio projects are built without conventional circuit boards.

  • The projects on the IK30IL website come with well written explanations of the circuit as well as clear schematics and photos of the finished projects.

  • The Australian Radio Projects website contains information on receivers, transmitters, test equipment and antennas.


  • The BEAM Reference Library website contains articles and tutorials on BEAM robots which discusses how to make non-computerized robots.

Science and Technology

Eco Friendly

Environmental Science

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