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The following list documents the suppliers (manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers) we've purchased parts from directly for our projects, or we've discovered (but not used) as an alternate source of, or have been referred to as, a suppliers of parts and components.

Electronic Parts

  • RS Australia (Australia) Large online electronic, battery, electrical, mechanical and test equipment supplier.

  • Jaycar Electronics (Australia) All sorts of small to medium electronic components for the enthusiast or semi professional. Resisters, pots, swiches, diodes, transistors, transformers, capacitors, neons, LEDs, solar panels, NiCad batteries, wiring, volt and amp meters, probes, semiconductor table, etc. They have a 400+ page engineering catalogue for A$3.95. All items in the catalogue can be found on their website.

  • Dick Smith Electronics (Australia) Hobby electronics store for the family. Dick Smith Powerhouse focuses on electrical white goods (TVs, still cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, etc).

  • Tandy Electronics (Australia) Think "RadioShack" as many of their electronic parts have similar/compatible RS part numbers. Another hobby electronics store for the family.

  • RadioShack (USA) Commenced trading in 1921. One of America's most experienced consumer electronic retailers, with around 6,000 stores in the USA and another 100 in Mexico.

  • Sparkfun Electronics (USA) Breakout boards, cables, components, LCDs, GPS, sensors, robotics, prototype solar panels, 3.7V 2000mAh high density Lithium Ion batteries, more. Boulder, Colorado, USA.


Magnet Wire (for coil/transformer construction)

Click here to view a wire gauge chart, conversion tables, and an explanation of the different wire gauge standards used around the world.

Spools for Coils

  • Precision Spools (USA) Will send you 3 free ones. Buy in quantity for as low as US$0.26 per spool. Pittsfield, MA. Phone (413) 442 0067.

  • McMaster-Carr (USA) Type "spool" into the 'Find Products' text box. Scroll down on the results page. You can order spools to size.


  • BatteryWeb (USA) One the web since Oct 1998. A large range or assorted batteries, chargers, testers, tools and accessories. Also a handy FAQ to answer your questions about sulfation, battery types, CCA rating, recycling, etc. Phone toll free (877) 746 2288. Leesburg, Florida, USA.